Monday, September 23, 2013

Eye Empire - Evolve (2013)

Alt. Metal / Hard Rock / Post-Grunge

1. One Day
2. War Isn't Over Yet
3. Rise (Wake Up)
4. Beyond The Stars
5. Within
6. Weakness
7. Bleed
8. Head High
9. The Man I Am
10. Can't Forget
11. Don't Look Back
12. Live Loud
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  1. I would like to ask any mods/admins if they had any particular method of registering in the forums. I used to be a member, but after losing internet for a year I found that my account had been deleted. is the email I created trying to register, I have applied numerous times, verified, and never been contacted. I've been around since before the site was changed (about three or four years) and would like to be added back to the community.

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  3. Experiencing the same problem. Any help ?

  4. acho que este é um problema que muitos devem estar enfrentando... tb estou aguardando a autorização do adm/moderador....