Saturday, March 10, 2012

BOLT - By Design (2011)

Melodic Hard Rock

1. The Unseen
2. I Am
3. Born to Run
4. Just Breathe
5. Runaway Sick
6. Sinner
7. On the Other Side
8. My Adversary
9. Beautiful to Me
10. Flaming Youth
11. Remember Me
12. Savage Maniac
13. Ball and Chain
14. Now and Then
15. When It's Over
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  1. Hi Frederico,
    I'm Ed,
    From time when I enter your blog is very very good.Have you southern rock bands and hard rock, quite good and very hard to find. And I am looking for this:

    SOUL ONE THRUST - Know One Knows - 2012

    You know them?, Do you have this record?, If so, would you be kind enough to pass? (if possible, of course)
    A big hug and thank you very much

  2. Oh! Frederico, I had not noticed ..... ¡¡CAN NOT DOWNLOAD!!