Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rest In Peace - Unknown Bands Vol. 7 (2011)

1. Inner 61 - Take Me
2. Shallow Side - Fear Ends Tonight
3. Beautifully Crude - For You
4. Intonement - Who I Am
5. Till Truth Arise - My Addiction
6. Beautiful Warfare - Shadow of Your Wings
7. Killjay - Deal
8. Splint - Freight Train
9. BeyondVisible - For One Moment
10. Dark Every Day - Burning
11. Divyded - Free
12. Of Kings And Misfits - The Moment
13. A New Horizon - Open Your Eyes
14. Falter - Enough
15. Anthony Celia - As You Are
16. Killed By Design - I Want The World
17. Hyndra - Typical
18. Memory of a Melody - Pulse
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  1. Hey there, fred!

    I'm a fan of your compilations! They're always top-quality and I find your album covers very punchy!

    Just in case you were struggling for finding new unknown bands, here's a link to another compilation in which #8 could well be included in your next Unknown Bands volume.

    Cancel - "Fear" at:

    Give it a go!

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for showing some love to Hyndra on this compilation! We have a new album dropping in a couple months. We need to get something up here on your site for it. Hit us up.


  3. Nice compilation man. thanks for adding our song Burning to the cd.
    -Tony Dark.